How to fix Steam was unable to sync your files issue?

How to fix Steam was unable to sync your files issue?

Steam is a giant for video game distribution service and server maintenance. Thousands of games are purchased through the Steam Store and play online using this client.  This article provides you simple methods to try get the fix of the issue steam was unable to sync your files recently encountered by most of the users.

What does this issue mean and what is causing it?

Like any other software, Steam bumps into some errors. The “steam was unable to sync your files” comes as an error message when the Steam game refuses to launch properly. There are multiple reasons that trigger this error. First of all, it may be that the Steam servers are down and not accessible. However, this happen very rarely.

How to fix Steam was unable to sync your files issue?

Other than that, some wrongly configured in PC or some third party program interfering the connection. Other possible reasons include corrupted preferences, configurations and user data files. Corrupted or bad game files could be causing the issue. Check out the methods provided below to troubleshoot and fix this problem.

Fix steam was unable to sync your files issue

Solution 1: in case the Steam Servers down

If a server is down, you can’t do anything else than to wait till the server is up. You can check the Steam servers’ status in multiple ways. The Steam site is purely dedicated for this information. You can check the status for different severs including United States, Europe, Netherlands, China and etc if they are healthy, up and running. Green signal signifies that no problem with the server. Red is for the offline or going through a lot of loads.

There, you would also see some servers pose orange signal. This is an indication that their loads are moderate and any more loads to them will overload them with their maximum capacity. Not only that, you can also check if Steam store is working properly. In the case of steam was unable to sync your files error, you should first check if any servers are down. If not, there is a problem with your end.

Solution 2: Delete ClientRegistry.hub

This file within Steam holds registration data of the installed games. If you delete it, the file will automatically be restored on the next log-in. You should preserve all the default settings on each installed game. This fixes the problem in 30-40% of cases as this file can easily get corrupted. Note that, when you perform this solution, you will be asked for the username and password. If you don’t have the credentials on hand, please don’t follow this solution:

  • Exit Steam and end all the tasks,
  • Browse to your Steam directory.
  • Locate clientregistry.blob file,

How to fix Steam was unable to sync your files issue?

  • Rename this file to clientregistryold.blob or delete it completely,
  • Restart the Steam and allow the file to be created.

 If this does not work, perform the below steps:

  • Browse back to your Steam directory,
  • Find steamerrorreporter.exe,

How to fix Steam was unable to sync your files issue?

  • Run the application and re-launch steam.

Solution 3: Delete userdata folder

You will find this folder on every steam directory. It contains ID number (containing the information about your cloud configuration files and your user sync data) unique to each account. It is possible that steam was unable to sync your files issue occurs because these got corrupted. To get the error fix, you should try deleting/ replacing the userdata folder:

  • Open the Steam directory, and search for userdata folder,
  • Delete it or cut paste it somewhere accessible. Before that, stop all Steam processes through the Task Manager.

Solution 4: verify integrity of the game files and repair library

Most of the games available in Steam are very large containing several GBs of files. it is possible that during the download/ update, some of the data may have been corrupted due to which you are encountering steam was unable to sync your files while launching. Don’t worry. Steam has feature within the client to verify the integrity of the game files quite easily.

How to fix Steam was unable to sync your files issue?

It will compare the downloaded game with the latest version present in the Steam servers. Once it completed the crosschecking, it removes all unwanted files or updates them if needed. You can also try repairing the Steam library files. This is a place where the games are present and you can only access them through it.

It is possible that the Steam library is not in the correct configuration. You might install the Steam on one drive and your games are on another one. In this case, you would require repairing both the libraries before launching the game again. The complete process takes time. Don’t cancel the process to avoid error.

Solution 5: Run Steam in Safemode with networking

This is a diagnostic setup in Windows OS used to gain limited access to troubleshoot as most of the unwanted processes/ software gets disabled. It will help you in pinpointing the issue and fixing it as well. If the Steam opens up normally in this method, this means that there is some third party application problematic. Disable this app to ensure the conflict gets resolved.

Solution 6: Add an exception to the antivirus and disable firewall

Steam may conflict with the Windows Firewall. It tends to download updates and games over the background and during the process can access to a number of system configurations and alters them. Windows Firewall may mark these processes malicious and tend to block Steam.  Disable the Firewall temporarily and check if the steam was unable to sync your files issue goes away.

How to fix Steam was unable to sync your files issue?

Like firewall, sometimes, you antivirus can quarantine some of the Steam’s actions as potentially dangerous. The obvious solution in this case is to uninstall the antivirus tool. But, this is not wise to do so. If you uninstall your antivirus, you will have a risk of exposing your computer to a number of different threats. The best way is to add steam in the list of the apps that are exempted from scanning.

Solution 7: Refresh Steam files

If the issue still occurs, the last option you have left with is to reinstall the Steam. This will refresh the Steam files. Refreshment of the files means deleting all the configuration files of the Steal client and re-installs them in fresh. In this way, if there were any bad files/ corrupted files, they will be replaced accordingly.

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This is all with how to fix steam was unable to sync your files issue. We have included all possible solutions. The steps of every method mentioned are designed in a simple manner so that even a beginner can perform the steps on their own. If you still encounter any problems with the steps, drop a comment below.

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